Thursday, December 29, 2011

Relations Between Washington, Moscow Remain Good

Since the end of the Soviet Union 20 years ago, the United States and Russia have put many of their Cold War animosities behind them. They still have their differences, but they increasingly work together on a wide range of issues. VOA examines the current relationship between the former enemies.

The United States and Russia can still destroy each other at the push of a button and have thousands of missiles on land and at sea, armed with nuclear warheads.

But all those missiles are not pointed at each other’s cities as they were during the Cold War.

And with U.S. President Barack Obama making better relations with Russia a cornerstone of his foreign policy, both countries have ratified a new (START) treaty reducing long-range nuclear weapons.

“It makes no sense to have all those warheads now, the Cold War is over," said Angela Stent, a Russia expert at Georgetown University. "So we’ve drastically cut down the number of warheads and we are going to cut them down further. So I think it was very important to accomplish that.”

Stent says Moscow and Washington also have a key agreement on Afghanistan.

“That is to say, we are transporting military transports over Russian territory, through the northern distribution network. And as the relationship with Pakistan becomes more and more difficult for the United States, this supply route is crucial for our ability to operate in Afghanistan,” she noted. Learn More...

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